Diamoreum (DARM) is an Ethereum blockchain-based token and e-wallet for trading diamonds using a robust technology in a completely decentralized and secure fashion. Diamoreum is the Future crypto currency for diamonds. We are in conjunction with lathojoki diamond deposit which is the second largest deposit worldwide. DARM is the next bitcoin bloom, which guarantees high investment returns. Being pegged to a fixed amount of investment grade diamonds, it functions as a diamond backed digital currency with an unlimited amount of speculative trading, by having an intrinsic value derived from its asset-backing. The price of DARM token which has a real market and diamond value, assures investors of investment returns in multiple folds, because it is not just backed by cryptocurrency investment but also backed by Diamond market Investment.

The Diamond sector has had intermittent customer-centric innovations over the years. Disruptive blockchain technology utilized by the DARM e-wallet offers vast opportunities for Diamond suppliers and sellers to drive cost-efficiency and increase profitability while giving consumers greater conveniences in purchasing diamonds. With Diamoreum, we will make mining, buying, selling and delivery of diamonds a convenient one-click experience – anytime, anywhere.

Diamoreum (DARM) is focused on providing an exciting value-added service that will simplify the Diamond management, sales, deliveries and payment process like never before: consumers will effect their orders and payments for diamonds instantly using a simple consolidated dashboard.

Moreover, Diamoreum (DARM) is on its way to bring a large number of new users into the crypto space by connecting billions of Diamond Sellers and consumers to the blockchain. Our vision is to reach a point in the near future where diamond consumers around the world use the Diamoreum token (DARM) as their currency of choice and preferred payment tool. We are set to convince Diamond Miners, Suppliers, Wholesalers, Retailers and other companies to accept Diamoreum tokens (DARM) from customers because it is faster, more secure, and less costly to operate and use.